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Employment Expansion: SASTFA Network

Your ally, SASTFA awaits to assist you with your new business concept or expansions, new film projects or growing industrial need for employees. Not since the Hopi Indians, who converted these aired lands into lush garden valleys through their innovative use of irrigation, has there been more fertile ground found in a desert. Business growth and prosperity lay just beneath the surface and some spectacular sunsets await.

By networking with key sponsors SASTFA will facilitate introductions, and opportunities to the benefit of the interested counties, job seekers and attract new activity to the State and SoAz in particular. Member partners and sponsors will underwrite events they are passionate about and that help fulfill their goals.

March 9th 2023

April 4th 2023

May 4th 2023

August 10th 2023

November 8th 2023

December 14th 2023