Southern Arizona Sports, Tourism and Film Authority

Peter Catalanotte brings a wealth of experience to the initiative of revitalizing Southern Arizona’s film industry through State sponsored film incentives and rebates for film makers who come to Southern Arizona to shoot their film but stay to finish through post production. Sothern Arizona has a plethora of unique locations and atmosphere that can serve as the backdrop for major motion pictures, independent films, but also has studio or support industries to offer.  

Remember the last time you loved a film so much that you stayed to watch as the credits rolled by to the end? All that tiny type displayed the roles and names of important jobs and resources it took to create that single film, just to entertain the public for a couple of hours. Each name and each task listed is a job for someone. A local resource who scouted the locations, the corner bakery the supplied the gluten free croissants for the cast and crew, and the seamstress that was hired to hem the costumes, and on it goes… Film and video can positively affect a local economy.

Film and video are also not just for entertainment anymore. As elementary, middle, and higher education, learning is happening more often at home, online and experiential marketing is requiring ever more video to explain advanced concepts, introduce new products or appeal to the ever-shrinking attention span of the public. Film making, editing and production techniques are in demand and may be one industry relatively unaffected by AI. – More on that later.

The point is, Film is not a finite pie that must be fought over between a handful of other states that offer incentives to film makers and studios. Film is an ever-expanding industry that is not only still in its infancy but is continually evolving into new and sometimes unexpected opportunities. Opportunity which ripens sweetest for the prepared and spoils quickly for the hesitant.